Web, Branding, Packaging
Ger Kelly
Valued customer of Hinterlands

“I absolutely love the Hinterlands site, every page shows just how much care and attention Josh put into the brand, user journey and ethos of sustainability.“


UX, UI, WEB, Branding
Nick Adamou
Head of Marketing at Comma

“I’ve worked with many designers but Josh is one of the best. The projects we took on, such as redesigning the website and reinventing the UI, were seamlessly executed.”

The Imaginarium

WEB, Branding
Catherine Slater
Associate Producer at Imaginarium

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Josh, he completely understood our brief from the outset and built a site better than we imagined.”


Nicholas Powell
CEO of Erika

"Collaborating with Josh was great. He did an excellent job designing the initial user interfaces for Erika's MVP. His quick and skilled work made the entire process smooth and enjoyable."


WEB, Branding
David Tuck
CEO at Mayday

“Josh did a phenomenal job of our brand and website redesign. Amazing commitment to quality. We were absolutely thrilled with the results. Josh is a great guy and very easy to work with.”


Adam McCann
CEO Claimer

"Working with Josh was a pleasure. He played a crucial role in designing the initial user interfaces for our beta product, which he did quickly and effectively. I recommend him to anyone seeking an attentive designer with an eye for detail."


UX, UI, WEB, Branding
David Rivier
CPO at Concrete

“Josh is a driven individual who has always strived for perfection and always pushed for the best solution. He is highly talented, straight talking and knows his stuff!”

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Raphael Lacoste
Ubisoft Senior Art Director

“Man your site is so cool. I just sent the site to the whole Ubisoft team, hope it won't explode! I am really happy to see that our world inspires players in a creative way!”


UX, UI, WEB, Branding
Tim Fowler
Sales Director at Vizibl

“Josh always has the users in mind and delivered projects that were a step change in terms of user experience and capability.“

The Hinterlander


In my spare time I love traveling to a new corner of the world, taking as many landscape photos and videos as I can when passing through.

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