Hinterlands Beard Oil

Branding and Packaging

During the lockdown I used the extra spare time to kick start an old business idea of mine, rebrand it and launch a store.

Beards + Oil + Nature = Hinterlands Beard Oil


It all started around 6 years ago. I decided to grow a beard…again! I’d tried a few times before but had always given up, like many, due to it becoming itchy and sharp in the early stages. This time however I was determined!

After months of research I had narrowed down on the perfect combination of oils to keep my beard soft and smelling amazing. Thanks to the spare time the lockdown gave us in 2020 I kick started this old business idea of mine and launched a shop.

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How it all began

You can read the full journey over on my website here

As a lover of nature and landscape photography, I designed my brand around my love for the outdoors. The logo was designed to represent beards, oil and nature combined.

That's also what I really wanted to capture with my recipe range too. I live and work in London and always long for my next photography trip in nature, so I created a bunch of recipes that smell of the great outdoors whilst also providing my beard with the benefits of oils.

Hinterlands organic beard oil branding

Label Design

I spent a while creating many alternatives for the labels based on my original 5 year old brand (which you can see in the article linked above).

In the end the defining design change was going to full bleed imagery that wrapped around the entire bottle. Once I moved onto that route for the labels, everything else clicked and it all synced up.

I have three scents I am very happy with and have on my regular rotation so I decided these were the best to launch my store with.

I did my best to come up with three names that fitted the scents:
• Explorer: this scent is refreshing and a bit woody in smell.
• Early Riser: this is a very refreshing revitalising scent
• Nordic Mist: as a huge landscape and forest lover I created this scent, which has a smell that transports me to the deep hinterlands, whilst I’m at home working in the city.

beard oil shop
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Etsy Store

Having had a bit of previous experience with my Hinterlander Presets Store I knew about the creative imagery I needed to design to help the initial launch of the store.

I created a shop banner and supporting imagery for the listings.

One thing I wanted to focus on was the yellow lines and their connection throughout the brand. This is why on the store page you can see all listings thumbnails are connected.

beard oil buy
beard oil buy
beard oil buy

Supporting Product imagery

It was super exciting to finally be launching something I’d wanted to get out to the world for a good 5 years. In order to help out my store pages and Instagram account I needed to create some supporting product imagery.

This is an ever growing collection and you can keep up with the progress over on the IG account: HinterlandsBeardOil

Final words

If you wish to learn more you can read the blog post about the journey to launching this business here: The Story: Hinterlands Beard Oil Website

You can visit the store itself here: Hinterlands Beard Oil

If you like my branding and packaging design and other projects and find yourself in need of a designer, feel free to reach out to me here.