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Hinterlands beard oil and balms are inspired by nature, support nature and offer the best combination of oils for your skin and beard.

Support your beard and nature.


For seven years, I made and used my own beard oil, selling bottles to friends, family, and colleagues. However, my goal has always been to share my oils with more people and launch a business. Until the lockdown of 2020, I just never found the time outside of work to commit to starting a business.

My favourite word is Hinterlands. It means a remote area of nature, lying beyond what is visible or known. I even named my landscape photography account on Instagram The Hinterlander.

There is something special about the diverse landscapes we have around the world. Given my love of nature, I wanted to theme my beard oil business and the scents I create around it.

Since my very first sale, I have planted one tree for every product sold in areas affected by severe deforestation around the world in partnership with One Tree Planted.

I had a lot of fun designing and building this website. It's not often I get to work on brands and products of my own and it was fun coming up with everything from scratch.

I designed the website in figma, built it in webflow and then integrated shopify's buy button for the checkout process.

Ger Kelly
Valued customer of Hinterlands

“I absolutely love the Hinterlands site, every page shows just how much care and attention Josh put into the brand, user journey and ethos of sustainability.“

Product page

I wanted my product page to consist of all the information the user would need at a glance and add a few things to help keep people moving through the order process/around the website.

I upsell beard balm on the oil pages and oil on the balm pages. I have all my reviews copied in from both Etsy and this website to encourage users to purchase.


It’s a shame that the planet has to suffer, be it from deforestation or natural disasters. These issues have a huge impact on our planet and everything that calls it home.

With all this in mind I wanted to do something to give back to nature and since day one Hinterlands have planted a tree for every product sold.


The labels were designed to reflect the nature theme of the brand. I wanted nature to wrap around the whole label but needed to design them in a way that the logo and product name were unobstructed.

By adding the circles to the sides, I was able to fill them with nature imagery without it bleeding over the logo and product name.

Final words

This is a fun ongoing side project and I am constantly learning more about marketing and running a store from it. I am looking forward to seeing how it grows and how many trees the company can plant.

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