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The intercompany module for Xero. Mayday revolutionises your finance team’s multi-entity month end with an ever growing range or product offerings.


I provided consulting services to Mayday on a part-time basis, collaborating with them to enhance their brand, revamp their website design, and build it all in Webflow for them.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, as it allowed me to craft a brand style that incorporated a blend of darkness, subtlety, and elegance.

Building upon the foundation of their previous website, which you can find further below, I sparingly used gold accents, instead of using them as the main colour, enhancing the design with sense of sophistication. One notable example of this is the border glow effect which follows the user's cursor as they hover over the product cards on the homepage, adding an extra touch of elegance. You can see an animated version of this below.

The previous version

This was Mayday's previous website design and styling.

Homepage loading animation

The homepage loads in with a subtle slow animation setting the tone for the rest of the website.

Elegant border glow animations

As the user scrolls over the product boxes a subtle glow captured inside the borders follows the users cursor.

In addition another glow follows the cursor within the product boxes too.

David Tuck
CEO at Mayday

“Josh did a phenomenal job of our brand and website redesign. Amazing commitment to quality. We were absolutely thrilled with the results. Josh is a great guy and very easy to work with.”

Product pages

The product pages we designed to follow a consistent layout. Each product's page colours are different and match the colour of the box the UI screenshot sits in on the homepage above.

The previous version

When I joined the Comma the apps design and UX felt like old banking software. It wasn't fun or a joy to look at. and work in.

As part of rebranding the company and the product I made it a priority to make using the app a more joyful and colourful experience.


The about page was redesigned in a similar fashion to the other pages.

The previous version

This was the previous version of the about page

There were many other pages redesigned for this website; blog, case studies, pricing and more.

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