The Hinterlander

Photography & Illustration

One of my largest passions is landscape photography.

I love travelling to new destinations with my trusty Canon 6D Mark ii and take as many photos as I can before I get too lost in the wild.


Growing up in the British countryside I was raised with a love for the outdoors and the beauty of nature. After moving to London I find myself escaping back into to the wild every opportunity I get. This year I was lucky enough to visit the Scottish Highlands and Iceland, two amazing countries with breathtaking landscapes and extreme weather.

I showcase my photography on my dedicated Instagram account. Visit Instagram.

If you’re interested you can also buy my Lightroom Presets in my Etsy shop.

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I don’t often get to do illustrative work, but had a great opportunity to scratch this itch when creating my Etsy Store to sell my Lightroom Presets. I wanted to make sure the style on my store aligned with my Instagram account while also standing out from the crowd. To achieve this I designed some highlight covers and backgrounds that could be used across both.

Since the circles are made quite small on instagram I went for a clean minimalistic style,  so they can be seen clearly at any scale.

You can see more of my Landscape photography on my Instagram profile: Visit Instagram
You can also view my Lightroom Presets page here on Etsy: Visit Etsy

Landscape Photos

Below are a few of my favourite landscape photographs I have taken in 2019.

Final words

If you like my photography and other design projects and find yourself in need of a designer (or maybe even a photographer), feel free to reach out to me here.