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Concrete platform

UX, UI, WEB, Branding

Concrete Platform is a software company focussing on the retail & fashion industry.

The software allows companies to manage their business at every level by creating projects, roadmaps, managing people, content and more; all from a single platform.


Concrete Platform wanted to work on a 2.0 of their platform, by rethinking the user experience from the ground up and rebranding their website and user interface. In my time at Concrete I created an entirely new style for the user interface as well as improving the overall user experience platform wide.

I was the sole designer at the company and worked through all stages of the design process; from user journeys, wire-framing and prototypes, through to high fidelity designs and hand-off to the developers.


Plan is Concrete’s roadmap feature and consists of a complex but easy to use swim-lane calendar system, allowing users to plan across a wide range of channels and departments all while maintaining a clear overview of what everyone else is up to.

I redesigned the Plan feature to give it a more flat and modern feel, with better navigation and user experience, along with a new preview block to give users more detailed information on the fly.

Everything was improved building upon the foundation of the original. Workspace card blocks were made clearer, the current day column was highlighted, imagery was added to the cards as well as the category and current status of the workspace itself.

The preview popup was completely reworked in order to provide more useful information.

The previous version

This is how the Plan feature looked when I first joined the Concrete Platform. The timeline felt very dated and the search filters were overly complicated and confusing.

Cards were less clear and had less info on them. The preview popup was also lacking in useful information.

There was also no side navigation to quickly jump around the product, instead you had to go to a central hub and from there choose which section to open, slowing down the users experience from point A to B.

Hover card info

When hovering over a card on the plan timeline an info block with a brief overview appears.

Clicking the card opens up the Workspace which contains a lot more information. Read on to see the Workspace view.

David Rivier
CPO at Concrete

"Josh worked for me during the last year where he led the definition of and designed the new Concrete platform interface and new website. Josh is a driven individual who has always strived for perfection and always pushed for the best solution. He is highly talented, straight talking and knows his stuff!

I'm very much looking forward to working again with Josh in the future and can strongly recommend his creative knowledge and design skills as well as being a fun colleague to work with!"


Clicking on one of the cards in the Plan section will take you through to its Workspace. Inside a Workspace users can see an overview of everything going on, with the ability to add tasks, files and have discussions with team members.

The previous version

This is how the workspace looked when I first joined Concrete.

It didn't offer much to users apart from adding files to the event and choosing a status.


I also redesigned Concretes marketing website, showcasing a more modern and luxurious look, inline with the company’s proposition.

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