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UX, UI, Branding

Erika's mobile app is designed to give time back to teenagers, by reducing the amount of time they spend on their phones by rewarding them for blocking certains apps when at school or needing to study.


I worked part-time for Erika, designing the MVP for their time management phone app.

This involved branding, app design, user journeys, web pages, adverts and more.

App design

The apps interfaces was designed to be calming to use with a deep colour palette.

The app is split into three main areas, Balance, Focus and Unplug.

Balance allows the user to create time limits for apps, they can go over this time limit but will be nudged occasionally to remind them to stop.

Focus lets the user disable apps completely for a set period of time, they can choose to overwrite this, but will be warned they shouldn't use the selected apps if they open them.

Unplug completely hides selected apps from the phone for a period of time, meaning they can't be found and opened unless the user enables them again within Erika.

Previous design

This is how their initial app designs and branding looked before I began working for them

User Journeys

Some of the user journeys I created before moving onto the design of the app.


This is the main flow through Balance.

Nicholas Powell
CEO at Erika

"Collaborating with Josh was great. He did an excellent job designing the initial user interfaces for Erika's MVP. His quick and skilled work made the entire process smooth and enjoyable."


This is the main flow through Focus.


This is the main flow through Unplug.

Sign up

This is the main flow through sign up and onboarding.


This is the single page website design users would land on if clicking on an Erika ad to allow them to join the waiting list before the app launched.


This carousel set of ads were designed to entice parents to sign up to the waiting list.

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