A talented traditional signwriter covering the south east england area.

Every sign is created meticulously by hand, from small scale works to large building coverings.


Paul Hetherton is a traditional signwriter covering the South England area. Paul has a vast portfolio of work and came to me looking for a bespoke, modern and minimalist one page portfolio website. He needed a way to quickly showcase his talents with potential clients.

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The website opens with a fullscreen hero section showcasing his brand, which I also created as part of this project. The hero section is designed to be fullscreen to the user no matter their resolution.

I took the time to design and animate a custom menu for the website. The aim of the site was to be clean and modern, with a touch of elegant colours to match his intricate works.

The site then scrolls down through a custom grid of selected work he has created over the years. Clicking these opens them for viewing in fullscreen.

The site ends with a simple contact form so potential clients can get in touch with him quickly and easily.

The Previous Version

This is how the old website looked.

The old site was not responsive which made it very hard to navigate on mobile. It also had only a few small thumbnails showing off his work, meaning it was difficult for potential customers to gain an appreciation for his craftsmanship.

The website’s outdated style and interface also gave visitors a negative impression, scaring away potential clients.

Animated menu

The animated menu was probably the most technically challenging part to create on the website, but it was a fun challenge and a valuable learning experience I could apply to later projects.

Final words

This was a very fun and warm project to work on. Paul gave me a lot of freedom designing the website and it was nice to work on a one page website.

If you enjoyed reading about the design process of this project and find yourself in need of a  designer, feel free to reach out to me here.