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UX, UI & Web design


Luup is a money transfer company focussing on the Asian market, helping users to process payments more easily.

Luup wanted to update their brand, website and product UX/UI to bring the face of their company into the modern world and have an easy to use and visually appealing product. 

I currently work full-time at Luup on the product team. I have focussed on the whole user experience design process including user journeys, wire-framing, mock-ups, full user interface designs, prototypes, and hand-off of my designs to the developers.

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One of the projects I worked on at Luup was to redesign the website. I completely rebranded and redesigned the site from scratch. I created many unique supporting animations (further details below), to help showcase that the website was unique and the company believes in the product it is selling, and cares about high quality in particular.

The previous Version

This is how Luup's website looked when I first joined.

It was very template heavy with little personality or uniqueness. The colours, black and yellow, felt too aggressive for the brand.

From here, I rebranded and redesigned the site from scratch.

Mountain View
Mountain View
Supporting Animations

I created and animated a handful of animations as supporting images for the website.

You can see them live here:

Mountain View
Mountain View


Luup wanted to update their brand. We mainly wanted to move away from the harshness of the black and yellow to a softer more pleasing colour palette.

As the company was already established, instead of a full logo rebrand, I instead worked to update the style of the existing logo. We chose a new colourway for it, which felt more modern and professional. I used the new logo as a starting basis for the product and website styling.

Mountain View
Building the logo

This is a sped up animated version of building out the logo in Adobe Illustrator.


As a lead designer, Josh demonstrates extreme skill as a creative digital design professional. His aesthetic style and taste is clean, crisp, and modern, whilst also simultaneously maintaining a feeling of being friendly and familiar to the eye. Any design output from Josh adds instant professionalism and credibility to the document / website / banner / animation / etc in question. His work is always pixel-perfect, and polished to the nth degree. 

Josh also has a great work ethic, is a loved asset in any team, and an all around great guy. I would hire again in a heartbeat.

Luke Wingfield-Digby
Co-Founder at Luup


The product was given an overhaul in terms of styling and UX. This is one example of part of the platform.