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concrete platform

UX, UI & Web design


Concrete Platform have a single platform to manage projects, plans, people and content, all from one place in the cloud.

Concrete needed a new design for their user interface and a better user experience to better reflect the company’s growth. I worked through all stages of the design process from user journeys, wire-framing and prototypes through to high fidelity designs and handoff to the developers. I also redesigned their marketing website, showcasing a more modern and luxurious look, inline with the company’s proposition.

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Concrete helps retail brands plan, create and deliver better in-store operations. The software gives teams at Head Office one place to plan business activity, making store teams more agile by having everything they need, when they need it.

The Plan is basically a calendar in overdrive. It was redesigned to have a flat modern feel, with a better user experience in terms of navigation and viewable information for the users.

The previous Version

This is how Plan looked when I first joined Concrete Platform. There were no images present on the timeline and the search filters were too complex. Also there was no side navigation to quickly jump around the product.

Brief overview on hover

When hovering over a tile on the plan timeline a card with a brief overview appears. Clicking this opens up the Workspace which contains a lot more information. Read on to see the Workspace view.


Josh worked for me during the last year where he led the definition of and designed the new Concrete platform interface and new website. Josh is a driven individual who has always strived for perfection and always pushed for the best solution. He is highly talented, straight talking and knows his stuff! 

I'm very much looking forward to working again with Josh in the future and can strongly recommend his creative knowledge and design skills as well as being a fun colleague to work with!

David Rivier
Chief Product Officer


Once entering a worksapce the user can see an overview of everything going on for this time period and the tasks within.

This is a central hub each calendar event gets allowing the user to add tasks, files and have a discussion with team members for that particular event.

The previous Version

This is how the workspace looked when I first joined Concrete Platform. It didn't offer much to users apart from adding files to the event and choosing a status.


The work pages on Pobble are accessible to a global audience. A teacher can publish a finite amount of pieces of work each week written by their class. Children who become published authors are always very proud and excited to have their stories read by children and adults around the world.

Workview was redesigned to allow users to read an overview, view comments and leave their own all whilst still been able to see the work.